Vintage Revival block-along with Sukie

I have decided to do the Vintage Revival block-along with Sukie .. 
I'm not convinced I will be able to keep up but I will give it a go!!

20 Blocks - 6 done! = 30% complete

Whats the point of buying these beautiful books if we don't make the inspirations inside?
I got mine for christmas it was definitely on my 2013 list.

Buy here

I have decided not to buy fabric and use some scrappy leftovers in Blue/Turquoise/Aqua with the Linen Shades Blender from RBD.

Beginner Blocks

Week 1
Double Z Block pg 18
Tea Leaf Block pg 50

Week 2
Mosaic No. 19 pg 74
Diamond Panes pg 80

Week 3
Dove at the Window pg 126
Art Square pg 134

Intermediate Blocks

 Week 4

Riviera Block pg 24
Dakota Star Block pg 24

Week 5
Rolling Squares pg 30
Red Cross pg 38

Week 6
MayFlower pg 44
Cross Patch pg 56

Week 7
Wheel of Fortune pg 86
Tilted Star pg 92

Week 8
Cross & Crown pg 98
Double Windmill pg 118

Week 9
Mosaic No. 8 pg 140
Star & Pinwheel (advanced block) pg 62

Advanced Blocks

Week 10
Exploding Star pg. 104
Geometric Star pg. 112
Week 11 – Wrap up and finishing up the top

I really like the on point quilt so thats my choice looking forward to this being completed. 
fingers crossed it happens this year!!