Monday, 5 August 2013


I have been trying to join a charm swap for a while, but have been actually finding them either to late or not at all!  yip I can't find them... lol so I decided to create my own. I hope the rest of you who are interested in building a rainbow charm pack that have missed out on other's swaps will sign up. 

It will be fun

Sign-ups begin Immediately and will continue until all 26 spots are full (I have decided to take 2 spots but if we fill to quickly  or people miss out I will give up my  extra spot). Please sign up for the swap using the SIGN UP. Once list is full it will no longer be visible.

I have decided to keep it simple for my first swap.  
  • We will do 1 metre rainbow swap
  • colours you assigned yourself (this will mean each person will receive (2) charms from each fabric selection).  
  • You will need to be on flickr to participate (so sign-up for an account if you do not have one).  
  • Australian participants only please (trying to keep it simple for this first one).
  • Only sign up if you are prepared to do it.!! Don't be the straggler.
What to do:

  • Assign yourself a colour on sign up. (remember it doesn't  really matter what colour you sign up for its cut and sent) 
  • Buy (1.15m) a little over a metre just to be safe of fabric of prints in your colour.
    • fabric should be 100% high quality quilters cotton (from a reputable online quilt fabric store - Spotlight or Lincraft from the quilters section. NO cheap fabric allowed - if you really don't like it don't send it we all will appreciate good quality!)
    • Your fabric should "read" the color assigned you, but it can have small flecks of other colors if you choose.  You should steer clear of large print fabrics as once they are cut into 5"x5" charms you loose the print.
    • do NOT wash your fabric.  
  • Cut your selected fabric into 5" charms (see this great tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman for making your cuts).  Each metre of fabric should = (56) 5"x5" charms.  Which means that total you will be sending me (56) charms.
  • Put your stacks of fabric into a Zip bag and include the details of you and your fabrics on an index card
    • your name, e-mail address, physical address, fabric name and company, ...
  • Send me your fabric, and a self addressed stamped envelope (see below) to me no later than 3 weeks after the 28 spots are filled if I will email when this has happened. 
    • you will be getting about the same weight of material back, so once you know how much it costs to send your fabric to me, you can include the same amount of postage on the self addressed envelope you include 
    • OR you can include a express post paid envelope for me to send your charms back to you in
  • Post on our flickr group which prints you have selected to ensure there are no doubles.  When you do, this is where you should also include info about the print for others to see - fabric name, line, company.
  • Enjoy your charms once they are sent back to you!

I'd love to see the creations we make from this swap on Flickr as well.

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