Friday, 25 October 2013

Finalised the Rainbow Swap YAH!!

I really would like to thank everyone for their patience. Sorry its been such a drawn out swap.

I have finalised the swap and they are all now in the post. yah

<insert happy dance here>

Thanks so much I know you will all love these they are awesome.!!!

The winner of the Lori Holt Hexi Ruler.

Is Lucky number 18 congrats Kate 

a massive big thanks for all who participated in my first swap. 
I hope you make something fantastic and share a pic on our Flickr page. 

I will be sharing before christmas so keep an eye out. 

I really would love to see what everyone else creates. 

Thanks again

go back up and check out that photo omg so cute!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Progress on My Modern Christmas QAL with Christa! Quilts

Step 1- was not to hard and I have been quite surprised at how easy this project is. 
Yah I need an easy no brainer. 

Also a requirement for these modern Trees are the Tri Recs rulers. You can get them online I know Quilt Jane has some available. Check out her shop. 

I haven't done any christmas items prior to this so I really am enjoying getting ready in advance. 

Step 2- just as easy just need time and some of your left over white or in my case calico..
A very quick top to put together can't wait to see how this is going to be quilted!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Brisbane Craft & Quilt show visit

I visited the Brisbane Craft & Quilt on Saturday. It was some visual and mental candy. 

I loved this it is so different to what I do. 
Interesting, inspiring just exquisite. 
There was so much work on so many quilts. 

Note to self. Make a show quilt

rows and rows.

I love the message on this one.. also in the free challenge

this one was a modern quilt. also interesting.

My haul - I have been wanting Julie Hermans (Jaybird quilts) rulers for a while. I have no idea when I will get time to make one of Julie's designs... lol just keeping it real maybe next year. 
Or maybe some christmas gifts. 

These are for quilt making not my shop. yah.

a skinny 2 inch ruler and

I have really been wanting grippy things for some of my rulers. Yah I have yet to test these yet. 
Very happy... I got the majority of my stuff from Punch with Judy. 

I also got some 2.5" Moda Charms. - Fifi's Fabricology
For my growing collection for my postage stamp quilt aka (vomit). 

Super cute

At least I get to keep abit of scrumptious... 

I love my baby but It was great to have a kid free look around. It was awesome actually. 

I did keep getting turned around and I missed 3 isles for a bit but caught up eventually. 
Yip I'm a complete ditz.

I had some fun playing with a few sewing machines hooked onto frames. 
They were a real good set up so smooth and light. 
Unfortunately the Bernina even though it was 
est $32000 cheaper then the Gammill still to me unaffordable at $8000 but boy it worked so well aagghhh dreaming one day. promise to myself.

I did have a play with the Brindabella Quilting system more affordable.... 
Do you still call that long arm quilting.? 
They moved so well I was really impressed. Is there anything I should look out for when looking into these systems. let me know pretty please..

I also caught a lady speaking about making money from your craft. 
This was interesting and in some ways informative. I think she is the Burlap Bag Lady. But I didn't actually see anything with her name on it and I got there after introductions...

Even the pamphlet I got with  $100 coupon doesn't have her name. 
Weird If anyone knows who that was please enlighten me..

One of the stand out stores for me was


I bought nothing but loved a lot of what was there.
If I make a quilt for my Ma this is where I will look for inspiration.

All n all had a ball!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

so much going on!!!

We are nearly finished our Rainbow swap still waiting on 1 more sender hopefully friday.

Fingers crossed for AP..

It Has been fun getting fabric in the mail... lol I have to reassure my husband "I didn't buy this" lol its for the swap!! maybe abit to quickly.

Anyway I have been keeping the flickr page mostly updated with photos, but here are some mosaics of some of our beautiful rainbow.

Just 11 of the 28 fabrics and you will be getting 2 squares of each. I will be using mine very soon.

I have actually decided to make my son his first momma made quilt. "christmas pressie alert" He is going to be sooooo excited... NOT... he's 18. Its really going to be awesome. No doubt I will get the old rolled eyes look..

hehe my favourite...

So I have joined PS I Quilts Skedaddle sew a long. I'm using 2 packs of our rainbow with some pastel homespun.

I said so much going on thats not much is it.... nope I have more...

You have to check out my new web site. I'm so excited about how awesome it looks.... 

I am still working on it. I know this fabric isn't to everyones taste but omg have I said how excited I am!

I have been working on my site for weeks its very time consuming. But loving how it looks can't wait to fill it with awesome fabric. My plan is to supply FQs. I was actually not a fan of FQ's but I have been using them and have really found I like using them in projects..

I have a delivery of Tula Pink (Design rolls & FQ packs) and Joel Dewberry (Design rolls) & 
Art Galleries Squared Elements FQ's stock is defiantly limited. 

I have a few more tutorials on the way I have two tops I need write up.. yah

I can't wait to get a top quilted by QuiltJane... to be continued!!