Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cherish Blocks for January 2014

Yip I'm getting in early. I needed to do something other then a gift...hehe
Does this cut it. 
lol.... hmmmmm, no its still a gift really but anyway it was actually a really quick Block. 
Even easier if you have pre cut 5" squares.

The tutorial for this Block/Quilt can be found here.

Jan 2014 Cherish Do good stitches - check!

Still sewing

Monday, 23 December 2013

And the winner is...

Thanks to all who participated this has been my first inlinkz. 
I certainly had fun reading all the blogs finding out who is making what and I am so happy to be in this little handmade community. 
I will also be happy and relieved for the big day to be over... as usual. 

And back to Quilts.... woohoo

as per the random generator Erin has won the design roll. 

But I can't help myself and I want everyone to win so I have chosen 
3 Fat quarters for AJ & Kim each. Hope you like them ladies! 

 1, Boy Crazy 2, Fun & Games 3, Boy Crazy (RileyBlakeDesigns)

1, Spots ToT 2, Priscilla 3, Sidewalks (RileyBlakeDesigns)

they are all in the mail today.....    thanks for playing Ladies!!! Merry Christmas

Friday, 20 December 2013

Gifts Galore!!!

so I am getting through my list of things todo!

then crazily I'm adding to my list... lol

So far I have completed the nieces peek-a-boo bags and I think they are the sweetest... no pattern I freestyled. lol But I believe a pattern will be written and I may add some kits to my site. (including name to be appliquéd)
After christmas.

Fabric Riley Blakes Summer Breeze
Fabric Available via my shop Sold out of Jelly Rolls though. 
At this point Just FQ Bundles & Layer Cakes.

Also finished a really quick gift a wired 50's headband. Its totally cute 
and I will be making some of these myself!!.

Fabric Tula Pinks - Acacia
Tutorial (inspired by) so you want to sew
I say inspired as  had already cut the fabric. I didn't fold on the selvage. Its super easy!

No pattern just Free-styled using some scraps to embellish this plush towel. 
with some Appliqué.

I have already made a Baby quilt in Boy crazy for Mel's Baby Shower 
so just going with the fabric I have already gifted!

This is actually a Birth pressie for the newest member of our family. 
Nephew - Jago Born December 12 2013.

Fabric -  Boy Crazy and some Shades Basics Lemon & Cobalt.

This was suppose to be a baby shower gift but my machine was having issues so I have only just finished it now will be going with the towels.

an appliqued onesie. Scrap fabric - Big W onesie.

A secret santa gift!! shhh its a secret..

I have to say I love the look of these and I am so happy I made one for myself first. It works great. 
I have also blogged about this previously and this is my one!

Still Sewing!! kelx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 Christmas Handmaid-en Give-a-way!!

Ok so, I know I have a lot to make in the next week and I'm sure a lot of you are taking the time to make some bits n pieces.

Making the most of your talent as hand maid-ens! 

I have been giving hand made for many years.  I love it! 

But this year I am in the position to reward some hand maidens with FABRIC!! 

YAH !!

I'm feeling rather generous as I have just won some Anna Maria Horner fabric via stitched in colour.  & I'm going to pay it forward!!

I have created a inLinkz. 

All you have to do is add a photo of what you have made for a gift this christmas this is your entry!

  • Made with Fabric.
  • items Made since Monday this week!!
Well I better get cracking!!!

FYI,  I will be entering, but I won't be able to win prizes they are all yours. 


if more then 50 images are posted then Prize 2 well be gifted as well

if over 100 gifts are shown I will add more prizes!

have fun

*Remember closes Monday morning 6am EST. 7am Brissy Time!!!

I will only be posting within Australia (internationals unless you want to pay excess postage)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Imagine my excitement getting an Email from.....

Rachel from stitched in colour.!!!!

Well it gets better, I have been apart of the Cherish Do good stitches Group for a while now and have loved being apart of the group. It has been really fun plus I have had my boundaries pushed on more then 1 occasion. Which is what we all need.

I can't upload any photos as they are protected by flickr but check out some of our quilts. 

no really....   Check them out!!

Stitchers Door Prizes a snip it from Rachels Blog!! click the link to see the rest!!

Today, three super-lucky stitchers win a gorgeous 8-piece bundle of Dowry by Anna Maria Horner's from Marmalade Fabrics!  Drumroll please....

it was ME woohooo how exciting!! 

The Ruby & Pearl palette bundle belongs to Kelly aka kelliottmagic.  Kelly serves with the Cherish circle in Australia, making quilts for Needy Stitches and other local causes.

Pretty Pretty!!

As a stitcher I feel pretty Blessed!!. Can't wait to see if any of our Quilters get a prize as well..fingers crossed. We all work so hard.

Thankyou Marmalade Fabrics!!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mega Christmas Sewing Marathon this weekend....!!!! eeekkkk are you all ready?

Well what an amazing Week-end of Busy--ness. !!!... I think everyone has so much to do in December. I know I am putting pressure on myself.

Life is busy enough right. Lol.

But I have to say when I have a little family member in my target audience? I have to go a little nuts. and to top that off its actually her 2nd birthday as well.

Anyway I had a lot of fun making some stuff with a FQB, Rolie Polie and some of my Shades Basics. The Design is Summer Breeze it has just been released from Riley Blake & Bella Blvd.

I made one of my drawstring Bags, a Pillow cases (see my tutorials) & a quilt inspired by the Jaybird Play school quilt. I say inspired cause I did it from memory. But this is the recipe I was thinking when I was sewing this cute little Blankey. No batting inside remembering we live in the hot part of the world.

Its really cute. This little blanky I think will be perfect for kindy the car or even a tea party!!...

This is also a little something I worked on this weekend, Just some Knickers.. hehe this tutorial was a freebie of Anna Maria Horner. The new fabric is pretty cute also.. check that out. 

I would love to finish this little outfit off with a sunhat, any ideas or good tutorials ???? let me know

the fabric is Cloud 9's Organic Mountainz Mint Monsterz Collection 
with a car (my style) appliquéd on a K-mart singlet

This is also another Moda Bake shop tutorial, This was actually my pancake tryout for a gift for my secret santa recipient. Yip they asked santa for a Steering wheel cover. I have to say mine is pretty damn cute and it works great. I was abit worried it may slip but it doesn't.  Its perfect. I did alter the recipe as my steering wheel was bigger then Sarahs.

Fabric some of the green colour way of Bonnie & Camilles' April Showers on the reverse is again some Summer Breeze (Splash Blue).

Anyway its been good to get some stuff done. I'm finally in my new sewing studio & I got my sewing machine out of the shop Thursday arvo.... its been working like crazy the last few days...

My christmas to do list is getting smaller... I hope yours is as well..

To do

Personalise Towels for  21/12/13
Jago 20/12/13

Finish Jagos Blanket

Jago Summer hat

Wine Bag +
Steering wheel cover 20/12/13

Peek-a-boo bags 18/12/13

Pinup style Headband 19/12/13

Wow thats a lot... Will update... OMGosh..


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Moving in sale!! 25% off everything in store until 16 December 2013

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