Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Sewing

I have decided to blog my sunday sewing experience with the little jaybird Quilt “Seaside” pattern, and also link up with Erins making for me linky.

I will be posting more on my sewing adventures with purchased patterns in the future.

My friday was full of nervous excitement

Running to the door every time I heard a car in my street on friday is not clearly explaining how excited and slightly obsessive about expecting not just one but two deliveries, I not so patiently waited, praying they got here before I had to supervise my Son's driving to work for his 2 o'cock shift.  My nervousness as the minutes edged closer to the deadline grew, but thankfully they arrived before 2... phew along with relief.... I think every one loves #happymail I certainly do...

So now I am rather excited to announce I stock some Jaybird Quilt patterns and rulers. I have been a massive fan of these rulers since I first saw them and Julie's patterns on the her site. I thought I would just see how they go. I had purchased the rulers for personal use a few months ago at our Brisbane quilt show, even then I posted I wouldn’t have time to make anything for a while.

<<<<a while passes>>>

With Christmas New year and back to school over I finally have a little time to make something for ME! Yah.

This is the desired or expected result. I was hoping mine may turn out just as pretty. Although my quilting is not as good a Angela Walters... lol 

This oblong table runner top has taken a few hours to get together you could easily get this completed in a weekend..

I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of using one shape to complete my new runner.

There is no getting away from the obvious of living in Queensland how many quilts do we really need? But with this little Jaybird quilt pattern I get to cut up fabric and sew it back together and decorate my home in a manner that suits me.

What is really great with the pattern Julie gives the option that you can make a template for cutting so you don’t necessary need to purchase ruler the pattern was designed for.

not much fabric is required for the top just
  • 5 jelly roll (2.5”) strips of feature fabric and
  • 7 jelly roll (2.5”) for background fabric

Wadding and backing also.

I have used one of my fav Moda fabric designers for the feature fabric V&Co Color me happy and my new Low volume for the background (Classic Elements)

Honestly I found the pattern extremely simplistic. Which got me scratching my head, and I found another hint on the web after I had done all my cutting which I had a little giggle about.

It’s a super simple tip and possible obvious after the fact. If you do end up making this runner I suggest you have a look before you cut.

I am really happy with my new runner top and I can’t wait to quilt it this will definitely be done next week.

Here are a few photos of my process...

this is the tip I didn't know about till it was too late. giggle how cool it that!! such a clever ruler

hint... no guesswork which makes matching seam lines and where to sew a lot easier for a newbie! 

Cutting and sewing the 140 diamonds together. sounds a little daunting doesn't it. 

Its really not with the 12 jelly roll strips I cut 6 strips at once so cutting was really simple and quick.

When I finished sewing my 20 strips of 7 diamonds I took my strips and my pins and actually pinned them in front of the telly instead of sitting in front of the sewing machine. 
So using my pins this way worked well for me. (above)

Not using the helpful hint 
I actually used the little (dogs ears) to match up when sewing my strips together though. 

I am a massive starch user.. this is me setting my seams and I am liberal with my starch I starch when setting the seams and again on the right side of the fabric. 
If you don't use starch when quilting you need too. 
try it at least I would love others views on the subject

aahhhhhhh!!! happiness 
just sort of squint and ignore my bad points!! hehe

I seriously can NOT wait to quilt this. 

 I have 2 packs in my shop for anyone who would like to make this check it out.

I really love everything about my sunday sewing 
Loving the design and fabric choices.  What do you think?

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