Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cherish Blocks for January 2014

Yip I'm getting in early. I needed to do something other then a gift...hehe
Does this cut it. 
lol.... hmmmmm, no its still a gift really but anyway it was actually a really quick Block. 
Even easier if you have pre cut 5" squares.

The tutorial for this Block/Quilt can be found here.

Jan 2014 Cherish Do good stitches - check!

Still sewing

Monday, 23 December 2013

And the winner is...

Thanks to all who participated this has been my first inlinkz. 
I certainly had fun reading all the blogs finding out who is making what and I am so happy to be in this little handmade community. 
I will also be happy and relieved for the big day to be over... as usual. 

And back to Quilts.... woohoo

as per the random generator Erin has won the design roll. 

But I can't help myself and I want everyone to win so I have chosen 
3 Fat quarters for AJ & Kim each. Hope you like them ladies! 

 1, Boy Crazy 2, Fun & Games 3, Boy Crazy (RileyBlakeDesigns)

1, Spots ToT 2, Priscilla 3, Sidewalks (RileyBlakeDesigns)

they are all in the mail today.....    thanks for playing Ladies!!! Merry Christmas

Friday, 20 December 2013

Gifts Galore!!!

so I am getting through my list of things todo!

then crazily I'm adding to my list... lol

So far I have completed the nieces peek-a-boo bags and I think they are the sweetest... no pattern I freestyled. lol But I believe a pattern will be written and I may add some kits to my site. (including name to be appliquéd)
After christmas.

Fabric Riley Blakes Summer Breeze
Fabric Available via my shop Sold out of Jelly Rolls though. 
At this point Just FQ Bundles & Layer Cakes.

Also finished a really quick gift a wired 50's headband. Its totally cute 
and I will be making some of these myself!!.

Fabric Tula Pinks - Acacia
Tutorial (inspired by) so you want to sew
I say inspired as  had already cut the fabric. I didn't fold on the selvage. Its super easy!

No pattern just Free-styled using some scraps to embellish this plush towel. 
with some Appliqué.

I have already made a Baby quilt in Boy crazy for Mel's Baby Shower 
so just going with the fabric I have already gifted!

This is actually a Birth pressie for the newest member of our family. 
Nephew - Jago Born December 12 2013.

Fabric -  Boy Crazy and some Shades Basics Lemon & Cobalt.

This was suppose to be a baby shower gift but my machine was having issues so I have only just finished it now will be going with the towels.

an appliqued onesie. Scrap fabric - Big W onesie.

A secret santa gift!! shhh its a secret..

I have to say I love the look of these and I am so happy I made one for myself first. It works great. 
I have also blogged about this previously and this is my one!

Still Sewing!! kelx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 Christmas Handmaid-en Give-a-way!!

Ok so, I know I have a lot to make in the next week and I'm sure a lot of you are taking the time to make some bits n pieces.

Making the most of your talent as hand maid-ens! 

I have been giving hand made for many years.  I love it! 

But this year I am in the position to reward some hand maidens with FABRIC!! 

YAH !!

I'm feeling rather generous as I have just won some Anna Maria Horner fabric via stitched in colour.  & I'm going to pay it forward!!

I have created a inLinkz. 

All you have to do is add a photo of what you have made for a gift this christmas this is your entry!

  • Made with Fabric.
  • items Made since Monday this week!!
Well I better get cracking!!!

FYI,  I will be entering, but I won't be able to win prizes they are all yours. 


if more then 50 images are posted then Prize 2 well be gifted as well

if over 100 gifts are shown I will add more prizes!

have fun

*Remember closes Monday morning 6am EST. 7am Brissy Time!!!

I will only be posting within Australia (internationals unless you want to pay excess postage)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Imagine my excitement getting an Email from.....

Rachel from stitched in colour.!!!!

Well it gets better, I have been apart of the Cherish Do good stitches Group for a while now and have loved being apart of the group. It has been really fun plus I have had my boundaries pushed on more then 1 occasion. Which is what we all need.

I can't upload any photos as they are protected by flickr but check out some of our quilts. 

no really....   Check them out!!

Stitchers Door Prizes a snip it from Rachels Blog!! click the link to see the rest!!

Today, three super-lucky stitchers win a gorgeous 8-piece bundle of Dowry by Anna Maria Horner's from Marmalade Fabrics!  Drumroll please....

it was ME woohooo how exciting!! 

The Ruby & Pearl palette bundle belongs to Kelly aka kelliottmagic.  Kelly serves with the Cherish circle in Australia, making quilts for Needy Stitches and other local causes.

Pretty Pretty!!

As a stitcher I feel pretty Blessed!!. Can't wait to see if any of our Quilters get a prize as well..fingers crossed. We all work so hard.

Thankyou Marmalade Fabrics!!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mega Christmas Sewing Marathon this weekend....!!!! eeekkkk are you all ready?

Well what an amazing Week-end of Busy--ness. !!!... I think everyone has so much to do in December. I know I am putting pressure on myself.

Life is busy enough right. Lol.

But I have to say when I have a little family member in my target audience? I have to go a little nuts. and to top that off its actually her 2nd birthday as well.

Anyway I had a lot of fun making some stuff with a FQB, Rolie Polie and some of my Shades Basics. The Design is Summer Breeze it has just been released from Riley Blake & Bella Blvd.

I made one of my drawstring Bags, a Pillow cases (see my tutorials) & a quilt inspired by the Jaybird Play school quilt. I say inspired cause I did it from memory. But this is the recipe I was thinking when I was sewing this cute little Blankey. No batting inside remembering we live in the hot part of the world.

Its really cute. This little blanky I think will be perfect for kindy the car or even a tea party!!...

This is also a little something I worked on this weekend, Just some Knickers.. hehe this tutorial was a freebie of Anna Maria Horner. The new fabric is pretty cute also.. check that out. 

I would love to finish this little outfit off with a sunhat, any ideas or good tutorials ???? let me know

the fabric is Cloud 9's Organic Mountainz Mint Monsterz Collection 
with a car (my style) appliquéd on a K-mart singlet

This is also another Moda Bake shop tutorial, This was actually my pancake tryout for a gift for my secret santa recipient. Yip they asked santa for a Steering wheel cover. I have to say mine is pretty damn cute and it works great. I was abit worried it may slip but it doesn't.  Its perfect. I did alter the recipe as my steering wheel was bigger then Sarahs.

Fabric some of the green colour way of Bonnie & Camilles' April Showers on the reverse is again some Summer Breeze (Splash Blue).

Anyway its been good to get some stuff done. I'm finally in my new sewing studio & I got my sewing machine out of the shop Thursday arvo.... its been working like crazy the last few days...

My christmas to do list is getting smaller... I hope yours is as well..

To do

Personalise Towels for  21/12/13
Jago 20/12/13

Finish Jagos Blanket

Jago Summer hat

Wine Bag +
Steering wheel cover 20/12/13

Peek-a-boo bags 18/12/13

Pinup style Headband 19/12/13

Wow thats a lot... Will update... OMGosh..


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Moving in sale!! 25% off everything in store until 16 December 2013

Hi Ladies I am having a moving in sale. 25% off everything in store!! Visit my site to purchase really fun pre cuts and personalised handmade items.. this is the coupon code NEWDIGGS25 available until 16 Dec 2013..

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What's happening Wednesday

This week has been so incredibly busy. We have moved and I'm pretty excited I get to have a sewing room in a couple of weeks.

 It will be so organised!!! Lol yer that's probley not going to happen right. 

I believe that I get some kind of comfort from my sewing addiction I really feel out of sorts if I can't make anything and apparently living in a camper trailer doesn't stop this.

So yip in the middle if all this upheaval I have created. My personalized kids bunting. Fynn keeps telling me he wants his name so he is next.

Super cute it is also using sidewalks from Riley Blake.

Ta till next week

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Whats happening Wednesday?

Well just so everyone knows I don't work on Wednesday at my pay job anyway. So I am aways sewing on Wednesdays. I thought I would share what I'm doing this week.......

My Work in Progress (WIP)

I'm doing Girly Peek-a-boo bags with Riley Blake's Sidewalks which is just the cutest. I've have had so much fun making these I will share a tute eventually. When I get settled in the new Sewing Room.

and another of my fav sewing projects Aprons!! 
Why you may ask well I am doing a craft show at the end of Nov for my work. 
When they are finished I will put up on my shop..  

I have already done some boy peek-a-boo bags with On the go fabric also Riley Blake they do the best Kiddy fabric!! no photos as they have already moved... lol

have a great week!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Finalised the Rainbow Swap YAH!!

I really would like to thank everyone for their patience. Sorry its been such a drawn out swap.

I have finalised the swap and they are all now in the post. yah

<insert happy dance here>

Thanks so much I know you will all love these they are awesome.!!!

The winner of the Lori Holt Hexi Ruler.

Is Lucky number 18 congrats Kate 

a massive big thanks for all who participated in my first swap. 
I hope you make something fantastic and share a pic on our Flickr page. 

I will be sharing before christmas so keep an eye out. 

I really would love to see what everyone else creates. 

Thanks again

go back up and check out that photo omg so cute!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Progress on My Modern Christmas QAL with Christa! Quilts

Step 1- was not to hard and I have been quite surprised at how easy this project is. 
Yah I need an easy no brainer. 

Also a requirement for these modern Trees are the Tri Recs rulers. You can get them online I know Quilt Jane has some available. Check out her shop. 

I haven't done any christmas items prior to this so I really am enjoying getting ready in advance. 

Step 2- just as easy just need time and some of your left over white or in my case calico..
A very quick top to put together can't wait to see how this is going to be quilted!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Brisbane Craft & Quilt show visit

I visited the Brisbane Craft & Quilt on Saturday. It was some visual and mental candy. 

I loved this it is so different to what I do. 
Interesting, inspiring just exquisite. 
There was so much work on so many quilts. 

Note to self. Make a show quilt

rows and rows.

I love the message on this one.. also in the free challenge

this one was a modern quilt. also interesting.

My haul - I have been wanting Julie Hermans (Jaybird quilts) rulers for a while. I have no idea when I will get time to make one of Julie's designs... lol just keeping it real maybe next year. 
Or maybe some christmas gifts. 

These are for quilt making not my shop. yah.

a skinny 2 inch ruler and

I have really been wanting grippy things for some of my rulers. Yah I have yet to test these yet. 
Very happy... I got the majority of my stuff from Punch with Judy. 

I also got some 2.5" Moda Charms. - Fifi's Fabricology
For my growing collection for my postage stamp quilt aka (vomit). 

Super cute

At least I get to keep abit of scrumptious... 

I love my baby but It was great to have a kid free look around. It was awesome actually. 

I did keep getting turned around and I missed 3 isles for a bit but caught up eventually. 
Yip I'm a complete ditz.

I had some fun playing with a few sewing machines hooked onto frames. 
They were a real good set up so smooth and light. 
Unfortunately the Bernina even though it was 
est $32000 cheaper then the Gammill still to me unaffordable at $8000 but boy it worked so well aagghhh dreaming one day. promise to myself.

I did have a play with the Brindabella Quilting system more affordable.... 
Do you still call that long arm quilting.? 
They moved so well I was really impressed. Is there anything I should look out for when looking into these systems. let me know pretty please..

I also caught a lady speaking about making money from your craft. 
This was interesting and in some ways informative. I think she is the Burlap Bag Lady. But I didn't actually see anything with her name on it and I got there after introductions...

Even the pamphlet I got with  $100 coupon doesn't have her name. 
Weird If anyone knows who that was please enlighten me..

One of the stand out stores for me was


I bought nothing but loved a lot of what was there.
If I make a quilt for my Ma this is where I will look for inspiration.

All n all had a ball!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

so much going on!!!

We are nearly finished our Rainbow swap still waiting on 1 more sender hopefully friday.

Fingers crossed for AP..

It Has been fun getting fabric in the mail... lol I have to reassure my husband "I didn't buy this" lol its for the swap!! maybe abit to quickly.

Anyway I have been keeping the flickr page mostly updated with photos, but here are some mosaics of some of our beautiful rainbow.

Just 11 of the 28 fabrics and you will be getting 2 squares of each. I will be using mine very soon.

I have actually decided to make my son his first momma made quilt. "christmas pressie alert" He is going to be sooooo excited... NOT... he's 18. Its really going to be awesome. No doubt I will get the old rolled eyes look..

hehe my favourite...

So I have joined PS I Quilts Skedaddle sew a long. I'm using 2 packs of our rainbow with some pastel homespun.

I said so much going on thats not much is it.... nope I have more...

You have to check out my new web site. I'm so excited about how awesome it looks.... 

I am still working on it. I know this fabric isn't to everyones taste but omg have I said how excited I am!

I have been working on my site for weeks its very time consuming. But loving how it looks can't wait to fill it with awesome fabric. My plan is to supply FQs. I was actually not a fan of FQ's but I have been using them and have really found I like using them in projects..

I have a delivery of Tula Pink (Design rolls & FQ packs) and Joel Dewberry (Design rolls) & 
Art Galleries Squared Elements FQ's stock is defiantly limited. 

I have a few more tutorials on the way I have two tops I need write up.. yah

I can't wait to get a top quilted by QuiltJane... to be continued!! 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Sunday, 22 September 2013

South west modern quilt group

Today's meeting I had a ball with lots of quilting fans. I always have so much fun chatting quilts and fabrics!!!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Joining a Christmas Quilt a long!!

I have decided to join in on a christmas quilt along. I have been keeping an eye out for something to make for christmas and well I have just bought some cute christmas FQ... 

Looking forward to creating this years heirloom.. hehe

how cute!!
the schedule looks do-able finishing up early december..... fingers crossed!! Check it out

rulers purchased from Ozquilts.. 

Christa’s Quilt Along 7.0 – Modern Trees Intro and Schedule

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Its time again yip FNSI 3rd friday in September.

Sign ups are now open..
I finished so much last time. its seems outing myself with so many UFO's is really good for me.
I am will photograph all my current UFO's. 

Its going to be a super sewing weekend for me our Guild is meeting this Sunday also.!!

1, I will have some vomit swaps 
in my PO Box to collect and sew.

3 to do!!! 

2, My Do good stitches Blocks.(can't do till I get some cream) Sunday!!  completed 24 Sept 2013

3, I have about 7 pillow orders to do. 

4, I have to complete my Riley Blake Quilt tute. completed and on show.

5, I'm sure I will think of more!!..... An awesome 

Quilt for me well a top, done! 26 Sept
this is going to be my summer no wadding bed top.... 

How can fabric make me so happy!!! 
Lol Vanessa christenson aaaghhhh simply style!!! 

Above 7.45 pm hehe

And 9.44 I'm done lol.
So happy with my 4 patch woohoo

Nighty night!!!