Friday, 28 June 2013

mini hot pads.

these are so cute and as soon as i saw this tutorial i knew i was making these things. 
Who needs big pot holders. ???
not me I always thought they were silly.  
I've been dying to use this fabric by cinderberry stitches. so cute. 
and an australian designer very cool.

The original tutorial link i saw @ crafty asian girl hot pad tutorial

they are super cute.

I have done a few changes and will upload a my style tutorial soon..i'm really not keen on the look of machine binding. well i'm just not good at it. fact. lol
I'm actually going to try some hexi looking edges.

These obviously sit quite flat and can be used as hot plate pads also..

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Personalised Aprons...

light bulb moment

My lovely friend asked if i would like to make some aprons for her daughter’s birthday party favors. I thought PERFECT I can do that. So I was surfing for a little girl apron tutorials. I found heaps frilly, ruffled curved arms, pockets, Velcro, D rings, bias binding.... on and on and on... oh my gosh.... 
so many choices.... but my friend loved the idea of having them 
personalized like my bags. 

What a great idea.... So I decided to make that the difference for these aprons So Sweet So Simple. no bias yah... 

check out my tutorial page for the instructions.. 
please show me your work!!

Monday, 17 June 2013

OMGosh what a weekend!! Certainly a sewathon....

So I have had 2 orders for quilts for new baby girls.

I also needed to trial a quilt I am making for a Riely Blake Tutorial booked for September. 

It turned out beautifully. I'm really happy with the colours and layout of both of them.

Makenzie  Jade is completed and ready to go after a final photo shoot!!... these ones are a little dark.

The other is in Top form at this moment. I will quilt it on Wednesday.. Photos to come!!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Finished my Do good Stitches June Blocks...

I am pretty happy with how they have turned out. I have done 1 more then I should have. I had even done another that I totally scrapped. Not sure which 2 I will send.