Saturday, 5 April 2014

Just a little note to let you all know.

I have moved my blog to come visit and check out whats new there.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

February Friday Night Sew In!

Boy life is Busy!

I am doing so many things lately. It is certainly a lot of fun keeping busy and learning and growing.

I have actually missed FNSI for a while or shall I say I have missed linking up with the ladies from FNSI because it is very likely I have been sewing!

Last night I actually got some sewing done which really is my favourite thing to do! and my goal for this week sewing wise was to complete my Seaside table runner by quilting and binding. Check out my sewing sunday post to see how easy this runner was to piece together.

Mission accomplished!!

this is obviously unwashed it will have a whole different look when I wash it!

I randomly used coloured thread..

  I actually machined the binding. 
This is the second time I have done this and 
I have to say reading this tutorial helped by Allison from cluck cluck sew. 
I will try reversing it next time and sew the binding on the back which means topstitching the front.

I am really happy with how it turned out! Loving the linking up. 
Now off to check what everyone else  has done last night!

Taking Stock Feb 2014 an assignment everyone should try.

Hi there I am working on my writing skills and have started a blog course with Pip

Pip (our instructor) has asked us to stop and think and do a taking stock post. 
Here are my thoughts 22 Feb 2014

Making : a mess ALL the time
Cooking : toast - 1 jam & 1 i/2 vegemite & 1 1/2 honey
Drinking : coffee
Reading: God never blinks Regina Brett
Wanting: lots more time to learn lots more stuff
Looking: at a screen......
Playing: with fabric
Deciding: what to create next
Wishing: I was on time with this assignment
Enjoying: having a little help with this and not stumbling by myself thanks pip and pipsters!
Waiting: on my modern bee book
Liking: learning more bloggy stuff
Wondering: how much i'll get done today
Loving: sleeping in
Pondering: triangle pillows
Considering: the background colour of my triangle pillow (neutral linen or low volume)
Watching: the following 
Hoping: we will watch something less scary
Marvelling: how grown up my boys have become
Needing: to appreciate family more
Smelling: coffee
Wearing: PJs
Following: to many things. i can't really keep up
Noticing: my youngest is not awake yet
Knowing: my peaceful time is growing shorter
Thinking: i really need to go get that coffee I keep mentioning
Feeling: peaceful
Admiring: pip for getting this course together
Sorting: my blog feed is on my list of todos!!
Buying: my eldest son a birthday card
Getting: a some professional photography lighting in the mail yah
Bookmarking: lots of blog with pip links
Disliking: our elected state government
Opening: the milk to make more coffee
Giggling: at myself most the time
Feeling: satisfied
Snacking: nope
Coveting: my next quilt tutorial
Wishing: for more play money
Helping: my youngest son with breakfast. <3
Hearing: the fan whizzing from side to side
Well that was a bit fun actually - its quite a thoughtful process, I just had to have some quite time.. I knew morning or night would be my best bet but at night I'm just to tied to think. 
Well lucky I got it finished because Mr 3yo just burst through the door. : Relieved!

Here’s the list… why don't you have a try?

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :
Have a lovely day everyone.!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Low Volume Fabric

So just recently I have been really groovin the low volume/volume and I have been putting some bundles together for my shop.

I LOVE these bundles and I have to credit Rachel from stitched in colour and this blog post specifically for my inspirations and her use of the colour chart....  Rachel does a colour intensive course online which I think I might sign up for one day...I need more time and I think colour education... but at the moment just going with the flow!

I'm like what??? opposite colours on the colour chart so as everyone does I googled and pinned it and when I am at the fabric shop I check!!!

I agree the colours on opposite side really look great together and 
I love the mix of volume and low volume!! here are some examples!!

Fresh Bold & Modern

These mixes really are attractive

this one is just greens but its  a really nice low volume pack!! lol

Who would think orange and blue?? not me...

Anyway thats my bit of fun and prettiness.. 

Want to learn about Low Volume? 

here are some quilty Blogs with some basics. 

 Craftsy Blog


 Lots of inspirations

 Moda Blog

lots of inspirations and ideas...

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Sewing

I have decided to blog my sunday sewing experience with the little jaybird Quilt “Seaside” pattern, and also link up with Erins making for me linky.

I will be posting more on my sewing adventures with purchased patterns in the future.

My friday was full of nervous excitement

Running to the door every time I heard a car in my street on friday is not clearly explaining how excited and slightly obsessive about expecting not just one but two deliveries, I not so patiently waited, praying they got here before I had to supervise my Son's driving to work for his 2 o'cock shift.  My nervousness as the minutes edged closer to the deadline grew, but thankfully they arrived before 2... phew along with relief.... I think every one loves #happymail I certainly do...

So now I am rather excited to announce I stock some Jaybird Quilt patterns and rulers. I have been a massive fan of these rulers since I first saw them and Julie's patterns on the her site. I thought I would just see how they go. I had purchased the rulers for personal use a few months ago at our Brisbane quilt show, even then I posted I wouldn’t have time to make anything for a while.

<<<<a while passes>>>

With Christmas New year and back to school over I finally have a little time to make something for ME! Yah.

This is the desired or expected result. I was hoping mine may turn out just as pretty. Although my quilting is not as good a Angela Walters... lol 

This oblong table runner top has taken a few hours to get together you could easily get this completed in a weekend..

I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of using one shape to complete my new runner.

There is no getting away from the obvious of living in Queensland how many quilts do we really need? But with this little Jaybird quilt pattern I get to cut up fabric and sew it back together and decorate my home in a manner that suits me.

What is really great with the pattern Julie gives the option that you can make a template for cutting so you don’t necessary need to purchase ruler the pattern was designed for.

not much fabric is required for the top just
  • 5 jelly roll (2.5”) strips of feature fabric and
  • 7 jelly roll (2.5”) for background fabric

Wadding and backing also.

I have used one of my fav Moda fabric designers for the feature fabric V&Co Color me happy and my new Low volume for the background (Classic Elements)

Honestly I found the pattern extremely simplistic. Which got me scratching my head, and I found another hint on the web after I had done all my cutting which I had a little giggle about.

It’s a super simple tip and possible obvious after the fact. If you do end up making this runner I suggest you have a look before you cut.

I am really happy with my new runner top and I can’t wait to quilt it this will definitely be done next week.

Here are a few photos of my process...

this is the tip I didn't know about till it was too late. giggle how cool it that!! such a clever ruler

hint... no guesswork which makes matching seam lines and where to sew a lot easier for a newbie! 

Cutting and sewing the 140 diamonds together. sounds a little daunting doesn't it. 

Its really not with the 12 jelly roll strips I cut 6 strips at once so cutting was really simple and quick.

When I finished sewing my 20 strips of 7 diamonds I took my strips and my pins and actually pinned them in front of the telly instead of sitting in front of the sewing machine. 
So using my pins this way worked well for me. (above)

Not using the helpful hint 
I actually used the little (dogs ears) to match up when sewing my strips together though. 

I am a massive starch user.. this is me setting my seams and I am liberal with my starch I starch when setting the seams and again on the right side of the fabric. 
If you don't use starch when quilting you need too. 
try it at least I would love others views on the subject

aahhhhhhh!!! happiness 
just sort of squint and ignore my bad points!! hehe

I seriously can NOT wait to quilt this. 

 I have 2 packs in my shop for anyone who would like to make this check it out.

I really love everything about my sunday sewing 
Loving the design and fabric choices.  What do you think?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

February is Here!! WOW

With February comes lots of things really......

  • My oldest turns 19 eek. 
  • A few birthdays which I happily make stuff for!! 
  • New Fabric in the shop yah, 

and of course the announcement of who won the January 

kelliottmagic Fat Quarter Sale FB Group giveaway.!!! 

Mystery Solved!! Entry 6 Anna & 8 Jamie

I was overwhelmed with the response really. 
I love when we share our cleverness.
I loved seeing the diversity of what we are all making and how handy we are in our creativity. 

A massive thank you to all that shared. I will come up with another giveaway so stay tuned!!

If you are not part of the Facebook Group and do FB 
join not only am I going to offer fabulous giveaways 
but my fabric prices are pretty awesome!!

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hello Everybody!!

I thought it may be a bit fun to have a Fabric Give away to celebrate my new FB Page.

But you will have to work for it. 
Its not just a put your name here freebie!! hehe

what you have to do is 

****post a photo in the 

****Of something you have made in January with Fabric.. (does NOT have to be fabric from me!!)

What is the prize you ask?? hmmmmm drumroll 
2 Prizes - 2 Winners!!

7 FQ's from Ann Maria Horners new Dowry Line inc postage in Australia 


1 Kids Pillow case kit (Toddler or Normal Sizes Available) 
(Giraffe Crossing or Summer Breeze)
inc postage in Australia 

Only rule is if you load more the 2 items share the post please. Good Luck!!
Drawn Feb 1 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Happy New Year everybody lol a bit late or early if we talk Chinese New Year

Well... a New year or New beginning is always exciting and makes everyone think about what we would like the new year to do for us all..

I'm feeling pretty good about the new year the new fabrics are just getting better if thats possible.

I had some issues with my machine and was getting a little grumpy and disillusioned about it. It cost a bomb it was 8 months old and my tension was driving me nuts. I sew ALOT and expect it to keep up with me.

I took it back and it was gone a WEEK. I'm sure you can imagine when I was calling daily how annoyed they were getting with me. I was told "were waiting on the Husqvarna tech guy to call them back." grrrrr

 Well after having a sook about it to a friend (you know who you are) she suggested I call Husqvarna Australia.

Well guess who I rang first thing in the morning. Yip and guess what...... the part required was in the mail by lunch time.

So Husqvarna called my shop and it was sorted. and then the sun came out and I heard Birds chirping.......I have it back and it now works perfectly.

But Guess what else I did that same friday!!.

I had been thinking for a while I wonder what an industrial machine will do for me? Well I found a cheapie on Gumtree. I LOVE it. Its so quick and really reliable stitches. Its great especially for straight lines which really is the majority of my sewing.

I especially enjoy attaching binding, its just fantastic a MASSIVE time saver. Anyway I fit it in my room (thank gosh) so full speed ahead. !! gotta love gumtree!!

With my new machine I have pieced Washington DC

the first instalment of a BOM (block of the month) hosted by Pat Sloan called Globetrotting. You can find all the details here  and when you have finished your block, there are actually a few places to post them there is a FB page - Quilt Along with Pat Sloan FB group or a Flickr page

I used my scrap It will be Aqua/Green/Pinks and Purples, I am doing it as a skill builder really. 

Love the centre star. 

The block finishes 26" and is very easy to make.  Just a lot of HST's, a centre square, rectangles and a 1 1/2 " border. Very simple instructions check it out..

So January has brought me some drawstring bag orders from my Etsy store. Which is lovely but it gets me thinking about my worth and the quality of my products. My products are high quality I do spend some time on them and having them at $20 is really a little ridiculous. 

Its insulting to me and also my competitors So I have upped my price to $30. 

my bags are top stitched, overlocked.
I know its regulation but I have care labels
they have a first name appliqu├ęd 
I only just designer best quality cottons.

and then

My fav finish this month is my Mini Swoon Quilt its for my table... just in case it gets cold... well it will be nice and cosy!! lol  

o-my isn't it Devine ! I had some left over layer cake from April Showers by Bonnie and Camille. I was wondering what can I do with this left overs. ???? I visited Camilles site for some inspiration .....             

light bulb !!!  I haven't done the swoon yet. 

Camille's Mini Swoon recipe cost $6.50 and uses 2 x 10" squares and background per Swoon. The recipe doesn't actually say that you can use a 10" square so I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't have enough. But it was fine. Phew

The other thing I have been playing with this week is my little Toddler pillow cases. I have actually altered my pattern for my roll up pillowcase tutorial for cute toddler pillow size. hehe 

I am offering these as kits in my shop for $15

I have been using my new line of fabric Riley Blakes Giraffe Crossing. its just the cutest fabric ever. They are adorable.

sorry for this post being so long.... I have started it so many times !!!

happy Sewing 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Shout out for the 2014 Handmade Coop Pillowcase Drive for POK

So I have been busy. 
On my Quilt Guild FB page there was a shout out for the Handmade Cooperative pillowcase drive. They help provide some Pillowcases for oncology kids which is just an awesome thing to do.!

I actually followed through the links and got a pillowcase tutorial I had seen previously I was pretty excited to start making one so I made one using the tutorial. 

After finishing I measured and I may be being slightly anal 
but it wasn't the size the Handmade Blog asked for so I cut and hemmed again. 

Lucky it was bigger and not smaller.

My attempts

I am so happy I have made these. 
Attempt 1 & 2 were from my stash 3 & 4 are from my shops fabric.

My Free tutorial is available via my shop its a PDF booklet.

I love this easy pattern. I will be making a ton of these.

Because I will be making sure when I make quilts I will be making matching pillowcases. 

These 4 will be going to the Pillow drive. 
I will also be making more as they are particularly low on Teenage boy Pillowcases.

PS I went and bought 4 new pillows for the photos. lol - $5 for 2 at Big W. Bit of a bargain!

join along!