Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What's happening Wednesday

This week has been so incredibly busy. We have moved and I'm pretty excited I get to have a sewing room in a couple of weeks.

 It will be so organised!!! Lol yer that's probley not going to happen right. 

I believe that I get some kind of comfort from my sewing addiction I really feel out of sorts if I can't make anything and apparently living in a camper trailer doesn't stop this.

So yip in the middle if all this upheaval I have created. My personalized kids bunting. Fynn keeps telling me he wants his name so he is next.

Super cute it is also using sidewalks from Riley Blake.

Ta till next week

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Whats happening Wednesday?

Well just so everyone knows I don't work on Wednesday at my pay job anyway. So I am aways sewing on Wednesdays. I thought I would share what I'm doing this week.......

My Work in Progress (WIP)

I'm doing Girly Peek-a-boo bags with Riley Blake's Sidewalks which is just the cutest. I've have had so much fun making these I will share a tute eventually. When I get settled in the new Sewing Room.

and another of my fav sewing projects Aprons!! 
Why you may ask well I am doing a craft show at the end of Nov for my work. 
When they are finished I will put up on my shop..  

I have already done some boy peek-a-boo bags with On the go fabric also Riley Blake they do the best Kiddy fabric!! no photos as they have already moved... lol

have a great week!!