Monday, 27 May 2013

Went to the Quilt show today!! yah

Eye candy galore. 

Its great to be able to go to a show to see what all the local or brisbane shops have to offer and of course the style of fabric they carry. I do believe i'm slightly snobby where fabric is concerned. I don't know exactly how to describe i guess just modern.

But had some fun and picked up something i have been looking for a while. I was actually looking for a brand specific item "supreme slider" 

But found a version called

Sew Slip II which is With Feed Dog Hole for Free Motion Stitching
A 12in x 18in sheet with a slippery top surface & a tacky bottom surface to hold it in place. It has a 1in x 1 1/2in rectangular hole allows all types of sewing to utilize the slick top surface as the feed dogs are available for guiding fabric. No adhesive to clean up. Washable & can be cut. 

at the "Sew this and that" stall. I am happy to have found it. Its bigger then the supreme slider and alot cheaper. I have of course tried it already and it makes a dramatic difference. The sales lady said she doesn't take hers off. I think thats what I will be doing. 

I also got a Tote pattern by Heidi Ho for my guild sewing. My next project. !!

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