Friday, 21 February 2014

Low Volume Fabric

So just recently I have been really groovin the low volume/volume and I have been putting some bundles together for my shop.

I LOVE these bundles and I have to credit Rachel from stitched in colour and this blog post specifically for my inspirations and her use of the colour chart....  Rachel does a colour intensive course online which I think I might sign up for one day...I need more time and I think colour education... but at the moment just going with the flow!

I'm like what??? opposite colours on the colour chart so as everyone does I googled and pinned it and when I am at the fabric shop I check!!!

I agree the colours on opposite side really look great together and 
I love the mix of volume and low volume!! here are some examples!!

Fresh Bold & Modern

These mixes really are attractive

this one is just greens but its  a really nice low volume pack!! lol

Who would think orange and blue?? not me...

Anyway thats my bit of fun and prettiness.. 

Want to learn about Low Volume? 

here are some quilty Blogs with some basics. 

 Craftsy Blog


 Lots of inspirations

 Moda Blog

lots of inspirations and ideas...

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