Friday, 11 October 2013

so much going on!!!

We are nearly finished our Rainbow swap still waiting on 1 more sender hopefully friday.

Fingers crossed for AP..

It Has been fun getting fabric in the mail... lol I have to reassure my husband "I didn't buy this" lol its for the swap!! maybe abit to quickly.

Anyway I have been keeping the flickr page mostly updated with photos, but here are some mosaics of some of our beautiful rainbow.

Just 11 of the 28 fabrics and you will be getting 2 squares of each. I will be using mine very soon.

I have actually decided to make my son his first momma made quilt. "christmas pressie alert" He is going to be sooooo excited... NOT... he's 18. Its really going to be awesome. No doubt I will get the old rolled eyes look..

hehe my favourite...

So I have joined PS I Quilts Skedaddle sew a long. I'm using 2 packs of our rainbow with some pastel homespun.

I said so much going on thats not much is it.... nope I have more...

You have to check out my new web site. I'm so excited about how awesome it looks.... 

I am still working on it. I know this fabric isn't to everyones taste but omg have I said how excited I am!

I have been working on my site for weeks its very time consuming. But loving how it looks can't wait to fill it with awesome fabric. My plan is to supply FQs. I was actually not a fan of FQ's but I have been using them and have really found I like using them in projects..

I have a delivery of Tula Pink (Design rolls & FQ packs) and Joel Dewberry (Design rolls) & 
Art Galleries Squared Elements FQ's stock is defiantly limited. 

I have a few more tutorials on the way I have two tops I need write up.. yah

I can't wait to get a top quilted by QuiltJane... to be continued!! 

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