Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Imagine my excitement getting an Email from.....

Rachel from stitched in colour.!!!!

Well it gets better, I have been apart of the Cherish Do good stitches Group for a while now and have loved being apart of the group. It has been really fun plus I have had my boundaries pushed on more then 1 occasion. Which is what we all need.

I can't upload any photos as they are protected by flickr but check out some of our quilts. 

no really....   Check them out!!

Stitchers Door Prizes a snip it from Rachels Blog!! click the link to see the rest!!

Today, three super-lucky stitchers win a gorgeous 8-piece bundle of Dowry by Anna Maria Horner's from Marmalade Fabrics!  Drumroll please....

it was ME woohooo how exciting!! 

The Ruby & Pearl palette bundle belongs to Kelly aka kelliottmagic.  Kelly serves with the Cherish circle in Australia, making quilts for Needy Stitches and other local causes.

Pretty Pretty!!

As a stitcher I feel pretty Blessed!!. Can't wait to see if any of our Quilters get a prize as well..fingers crossed. We all work so hard.

Thankyou Marmalade Fabrics!!

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