Friday, 20 December 2013

Gifts Galore!!!

so I am getting through my list of things todo!

then crazily I'm adding to my list... lol

So far I have completed the nieces peek-a-boo bags and I think they are the sweetest... no pattern I freestyled. lol But I believe a pattern will be written and I may add some kits to my site. (including name to be appliquéd)
After christmas.

Fabric Riley Blakes Summer Breeze
Fabric Available via my shop Sold out of Jelly Rolls though. 
At this point Just FQ Bundles & Layer Cakes.

Also finished a really quick gift a wired 50's headband. Its totally cute 
and I will be making some of these myself!!.

Fabric Tula Pinks - Acacia
Tutorial (inspired by) so you want to sew
I say inspired as  had already cut the fabric. I didn't fold on the selvage. Its super easy!

No pattern just Free-styled using some scraps to embellish this plush towel. 
with some Appliqué.

I have already made a Baby quilt in Boy crazy for Mel's Baby Shower 
so just going with the fabric I have already gifted!

This is actually a Birth pressie for the newest member of our family. 
Nephew - Jago Born December 12 2013.

Fabric -  Boy Crazy and some Shades Basics Lemon & Cobalt.

This was suppose to be a baby shower gift but my machine was having issues so I have only just finished it now will be going with the towels.

an appliqued onesie. Scrap fabric - Big W onesie.

A secret santa gift!! shhh its a secret..

I have to say I love the look of these and I am so happy I made one for myself first. It works great. 
I have also blogged about this previously and this is my one!

Still Sewing!! kelx

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