Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Happy New Year everybody lol a bit late or early if we talk Chinese New Year

Well... a New year or New beginning is always exciting and makes everyone think about what we would like the new year to do for us all..

I'm feeling pretty good about the new year the new fabrics are just getting better if thats possible.

I had some issues with my machine and was getting a little grumpy and disillusioned about it. It cost a bomb it was 8 months old and my tension was driving me nuts. I sew ALOT and expect it to keep up with me.

I took it back and it was gone a WEEK. I'm sure you can imagine when I was calling daily how annoyed they were getting with me. I was told "were waiting on the Husqvarna tech guy to call them back." grrrrr

 Well after having a sook about it to a friend (you know who you are) she suggested I call Husqvarna Australia.

Well guess who I rang first thing in the morning. Yip and guess what...... the part required was in the mail by lunch time.

So Husqvarna called my shop and it was sorted. and then the sun came out and I heard Birds chirping.......I have it back and it now works perfectly.

But Guess what else I did that same friday!!.

I had been thinking for a while I wonder what an industrial machine will do for me? Well I found a cheapie on Gumtree. I LOVE it. Its so quick and really reliable stitches. Its great especially for straight lines which really is the majority of my sewing.

I especially enjoy attaching binding, its just fantastic a MASSIVE time saver. Anyway I fit it in my room (thank gosh) so full speed ahead. !! gotta love gumtree!!

With my new machine I have pieced Washington DC

the first instalment of a BOM (block of the month) hosted by Pat Sloan called Globetrotting. You can find all the details here  and when you have finished your block, there are actually a few places to post them there is a FB page - Quilt Along with Pat Sloan FB group or a Flickr page

I used my scrap It will be Aqua/Green/Pinks and Purples, I am doing it as a skill builder really. 

Love the centre star. 

The block finishes 26" and is very easy to make.  Just a lot of HST's, a centre square, rectangles and a 1 1/2 " border. Very simple instructions check it out..

So January has brought me some drawstring bag orders from my Etsy store. Which is lovely but it gets me thinking about my worth and the quality of my products. My products are high quality I do spend some time on them and having them at $20 is really a little ridiculous. 

Its insulting to me and also my competitors So I have upped my price to $30. 

my bags are top stitched, overlocked.
I know its regulation but I have care labels
they have a first name appliqu├ęd 
I only just designer best quality cottons.

and then

My fav finish this month is my Mini Swoon Quilt its for my table... just in case it gets cold... well it will be nice and cosy!! lol  

o-my isn't it Devine ! I had some left over layer cake from April Showers by Bonnie and Camille. I was wondering what can I do with this left overs. ???? I visited Camilles site for some inspiration .....             

light bulb !!!  I haven't done the swoon yet. 

Camille's Mini Swoon recipe cost $6.50 and uses 2 x 10" squares and background per Swoon. The recipe doesn't actually say that you can use a 10" square so I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't have enough. But it was fine. Phew

The other thing I have been playing with this week is my little Toddler pillow cases. I have actually altered my pattern for my roll up pillowcase tutorial for cute toddler pillow size. hehe 

I am offering these as kits in my shop for $15

I have been using my new line of fabric Riley Blakes Giraffe Crossing. its just the cutest fabric ever. They are adorable.

sorry for this post being so long.... I have started it so many times !!!

happy Sewing 

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