Sunday, 5 January 2014

Shout out for the 2014 Handmade Coop Pillowcase Drive for POK

So I have been busy. 
On my Quilt Guild FB page there was a shout out for the Handmade Cooperative pillowcase drive. They help provide some Pillowcases for oncology kids which is just an awesome thing to do.!

I actually followed through the links and got a pillowcase tutorial I had seen previously I was pretty excited to start making one so I made one using the tutorial. 

After finishing I measured and I may be being slightly anal 
but it wasn't the size the Handmade Blog asked for so I cut and hemmed again. 

Lucky it was bigger and not smaller.

My attempts

I am so happy I have made these. 
Attempt 1 & 2 were from my stash 3 & 4 are from my shops fabric.

My Free tutorial is available via my shop its a PDF booklet.

I love this easy pattern. I will be making a ton of these.

Because I will be making sure when I make quilts I will be making matching pillowcases. 

These 4 will be going to the Pillow drive. 
I will also be making more as they are particularly low on Teenage boy Pillowcases.

PS I went and bought 4 new pillows for the photos. lol - $5 for 2 at Big W. Bit of a bargain!

join along! 

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